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Bike’s Siren

Sounder bike is perfect to the safety of the cyclist, because when you ride on the street a lot of…

Maker Fair Bauru 2014

Arduino and 3D printing lecture and workshop smart Luminaria with Arduino.

Led Cap Neopixel

Cap done with tape led Neopixel and flexible spikes made with 3D printing, controlled by a microcontroller Attiny85. Workshop wearable…

BeatBot Drummer Robot

Drummer robot made with Arduino controlled by an Android smartphone via Bluetooth.

Arduino Skate Led

Skate led RGB with Arduino and piezoelectric vibration sensor detecting maneuvers.

Arduino Lecture

Lecture held during the FLISOL – Latin American Festival of Free Software Installation.

Wearables Curumim

Workshop held at SESC Campinas. Each child created a mobile print model using: felt, fabric pens, magnet, LED and 3D…

Luminous Clothing

With brothers and designers Tony and Caio de Marco. Workshop focused on the creation and installation of garments from day…

Dione Neopixel Dress

Dione Future Fashion is a dress made with Arduino LilyPad +150 Neopixels Leds controlled via Bluetooth on an Android application…

Bike Mandala

Bike riding is good, but with LEDs is even better. Bike POV is a luminous device that drawings on bicycle…

3D printing with flexible filament

3D printing test with transparent flexible filament. Ideal for wearable designs with LEDs and other neopixel led strips it makes…

Eco Lantern

Ateliê Hacker at the Bike Lab – SESC Campinas – SP < / a> A flashlight bike is always good,…

Bike Lab Sesc Campinas


Arduino Interactive Staircase

Interactive lit staircase with Led tapes controlled by an Arduino Mega. Made for the staircase of FAUS Faculty of Architecture…

Flisol Santos 2014

Event held at the SESC Santos organized by the GCC-SD.

Test for Electronic Musical Pants

Conductive fabric is used with Arduino LilyPad to create a wearable interface for electronic music.

Makey Makey with Arduino

Turn any object in the physical world in a musical instrument with Makey Makey. Imagination is the limit.

Luminaria Led RGB Neopixel with Arduino

Weaving Electronics Workshop

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