Cyber Wear is a performance with electronic costume designed by Atelier Hacker. It uses an Arduino circuit that controls two servo motors, providing wing movements controlled by the performer, driven by fixed button on the costume. The light of the costumes are made with wire eletroluminecente called EL wire.

Poliana Nataraja is performer, project creator Performace Art Devotional – Dance of the Soul and collaborator of Atelier Hacker. Intended for all that open to new techniques, self-discoveries that make us enter the inner worlds, clearing our thought forms that lead us to the spectacular symbiosis of intuition with intellect where thinking is also acting.

The Performance Devotional Art is based principally bring out the sacred value of nature and the Human Being Nature sight.



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After the performance we conducted a brief presentation of dragonfly wings project controlled by Arduino, and costumes made with EL wire.

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Our gratitude to all employees and spectators of this project.